January 2018 – Trina L. Saunders

By Detra Lynn Mills, 2018 Immediate Past President

If you have had the pleasure of interacting professionally with Trina Saunders, then you already know she is a seasoned and sharp attorney who has served Central Indiana for more than 22 years. She is a graduate of Indiana University McKinney School of Law (JD’95) and Indiana University (BA’92). Trina represents families and children in crisis through her private (solo) law practice where she dedicates her talents to resolving family law issues including divorce, paternity, child custody and criminal offenses. Trina also worked as adjunct faculty teaching legal studies at a local college; she served as a mentor to students and young professionals; and occasionally, she hosts interns at her firm.

Trina is a busy solo practitioner, MCBA! We all know that successful folks are so much more than what they do for a living, and this lady is no exception. Let’s learn more about what makes Trina shine as a person. First, and most important to Trina, is her family. Trina is happily married to her sexy hubby, Monty Jenkins (who is also happily married to Trina. We see you, fam!). They are parents to two teenagers, Je’Mani (son, 14) and Cheyenne (daughter, 13). This family of people is kept in check by one-year-old Chloe Bunny, an adorable yet bossy Maltese/Yorkie puppy dog mix who is the unquestioned Alpha fem of their home.

Second, you may be interested to learn what Trina does to maintain that “work/life balance” which sounds great but seems so elusive! For relaxation, Trina (well, let’s be real, it’s Chloe Bunny) gathers the gang together to enjoy watching movies (Monty is a dramatic actor in short films, so movie-watching is serious business!) for family time. They also like to travel as much as their schedules allow. Trina’s epic vacation spots have included Aruba and Jamaica, and she’s looking very forward to a trip she and Monty are planning to celebrate Trina’s upcoming milestone birthday in Egypt. One of Trina’s favorite ways to unwind includes “Body Pump” and you will find her at the gym twice a week lifting weights and working it out! On Sunday mornings, Trina is dialed in watching “Super Soul” with Oprah while cooking a pancake breakfast for her family.

Looking back over her personal accomplishments, Trina is perhaps proudest of overcoming her struggles during law school and passing the bar exam on her first attempt. As she looks forward, Trina most deeply wants to help others see their own value and self-worth. For that reason, she strives to approach each interaction with people as an opportunity to honor them as individuals – worthy human beings with value. “Be what you want to attract” is a spiritual virtue that speaks deeply to Trina, and she lives that virtue in her personal and professional life.

And her hair, MCBA! Have you seen Trina’s gorgeous hair lately? Can we talk about natural hair goals?!

Trina gives back to our local community through her membership with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and the Marion County Bar Association (“MCBA”). Trina sits as MCBA liaison to Indiana Legal Services (“ILS”) as a member of its Board of Directors. ILS represents clients who cannot afford attorneys in civil matters, and through her service, Trina takes on two pro bono cases each year and assists with allocating resources to clients with the most need. (Nice work fulfilling your pro bono service requirements under the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct too, Trina!)

Extra fun facts about Trina:

  1. She is the youngest of 11 kids in her family (never a dull moment growing up!).
  2. She was struck by lightning (it bounced off the patio door at her house and went through her, with no injury!).
  3. She once convinced someone to hire her as a water aerobics instructor – but she didn’t know how to swim (thankfully no one drowned during the teaching of this course.).

Contact Trina:

The Law Office of Trina L. Saunders
450 E. 96th Street, #500
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Office: 317-581-6131
Email: atty.saunders@yahoo.com
LinkedIN: www.linkedin.com/in/trina-saunders-b8223084
IG: trinalashawnjey | FB: Trina Saunders Jey


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